16/365: love is my word

my one little (enormous) word for 2012 is "love." simply. love is all around. love is god. love is all you need. love is blind. love makes the world go 'round. love. love. love. love. love.

open. deep. accepting. free. laughter. sharing. easy. soulful. sexy. satisfying. stories. seeing. being seen. just being. giving. receiving. emotional. connection. listening. spiritual. uninhibited. fun.

love. the opposite of fear. my mom's friend jerry jampolsky wrote a book, "love is letting go of fear."

love, i am not afraid of you! i enter open doors and windows, fully, with open heart. and when the fear comes, because it always slips its way inside, i remind myself to let go, to let love in anyway. 

2012: the year of reminding myself. to love. just love.