walk gently

pink sky at night: sailor's (and my) delight! 

thanks goodness for my little furry friend daisey. she stops me in my busydom with her pleading eyes, tail wagging, is it time? can we go now? ok ok ok already, feeling guilty. too many hours have passed. yesterday i was in bed with a fever and she didn't get out at all. so today i promised her, and myself, some nice leisurely walks.

i launched our afternoon walk toward the much-needed pharmacy, combining leisure with errand. not always the best combination. 

and on our way back, flu-meds in hand, i finally got present. as in, i saw what was before my eyes. 

it was this pink sky in all it's daintiness and subtle beauty, gentle february hues. 

walk gently. see lightly, speak softly. of magnificence.