i love me

february = red = hearts = romance = jewels = flowers = cupid = chocolates = valentines = LOVE. it's everywhere. in stores, on tv, in magazines. i found tiny heart confetti spilled on the sidewalk today.

we all -- the collective consciousness of human beings all over the planet -- love LOVE. we love being LOVED. of course!

and those of us who have done any personal work know that no matter how much love comes toward us from the outside, if we don't have love for ourselves on the inside, then no amount of love from the outside can fill us up or ever make us truly happy. 

all around me, i see dear people having meltdowns when something on the outside triggers their lack of love on the inside, the lack of love for one's SELF. i think many, if not most, of us humans need to love ourselves more and better.

in a chapter about self-respect in his book "the power of intention," wayne dyer suggests many ways to love the self. the one that got to me was his statement:

affirm to yourself and all others that you meet, I belong!

i can be quite self-conscious in social settings, so i'm going to practice that one.

for me, taking good care of myself is a great act of self love ... hot baths before bed, and going to bed early for that matter. and silencing the inner critic. and bringing to light and loving even the dark and shameful parts of myself. 

i'd love to hear how you love yourself in real-world, practical, every day ways. don't be shy. it's something we all need more of ... chime in, in the name of love!

all this SELF love is imperative so we can share that expression with the world. so we can BE LOVE. and BEAM LOVE!