will work for work

gratitude project, day 7.

that feeling of rest after, or in the middle of, working really really hard reminds me of what i'm grateful for today.

not for the resting. but for the working. for being completely engaged in what i'm doing for hours and hours. for waking before light, for leaving after dark. for the will. to work.

i always wanted to be a bonne vivante, someone who excels at dolce far niente ... the sweetness of doing nothing. but that's not me. 

me? i love a good project. making a movie. preparing for an art show. moving house. hosting garage sales and big parties. starting a business. building a bar. anything that requires full-on, hardcore work for a finite amount of time until completion. 

i was surely a peasant farmer in a former life.

and an italian aristocrat who expects to be served foamy lattes in another. but that's another story.