a studio of my very own ...

in a matter of weeks, my studio went from this to this:

it is soooooooo beautiful and turned out a million times better than i expected. 

i'm not sure i've ever worked as hard in such a short time, or been as stressed as i was that last week. 

thing is, i signed the lease just three weeks before the bi-annual open studios and badly wanted to be open for the occasion. needed to paint, hang lighting, edit and process photos, print, paint the wood boards, mount the photos, and print flyers. the day before open studios, i moved in. brought in furniture, hung the photos, put up signage, etc, etc, etc. 

so many glitches, and yet so many more things went unimaginably smoothly. people kept showing up at just the right time to help. one of my oldest friends and a brand new friend (met her the week before) gave so much of their time, talent and energy to help pull this thing together. it would have been absolutely impossible without all the help i received.

it seems that the universe is saying to me, clearly and loudly: YES! and helping me along my way. all week, i kept saying "thank you" right back when things were easy and flowing smoothly, and i said it a lot.

many friends came out to show their support:

and my very first sale was to young lauren who bought a small ttv piece for her mom for mother's day:

here are some more views of my little 13' x 16' space:

and my signs outside my doors turned out awesome! (designed them myself, i just love to design.)

we're open again this weekend, so if you're in the area, come on by!

ICB building, 450 gate five road, sausalito.

saturday 11- 4:30, sunday 11-12.