they came. they went. i wept.

so just one week after i had visited this lovely clan back in new hampshire, my favorite family in the whole wide world came to visit here for a couple days. and i really fluffed. as in, flubbed. as in, any and all f-ed words you can come up with. 

you see, they are all beautiful people, on the inside -- which is where it counts (on the outside too, but who cares?!). they love, they laugh, they spill forth with goodness, making all those around them feel joy. they kept talking to their children about being KIND, a top value in this family. 

erin, charlie, max (6), madigan (2), and newest member mckinley (5 weeks) stayed for just two days and two nights. and i think i managed in that wee short time to make them feel unwelcome and unwanted. oh no!

i didn't mean to do that. really i didn't. i LOVE these guys.

but i'm used to peace and quiet and neatness and calm. my home is a sanctuary. classical or spa music wafting gently through the rafters. 

and i've been living alone for a looooooong time. too long, obviously. 

as soon as the troops descended, replete with duffles and diapers and toys and bunny crackers and paper hats and squeals and cries ... i was a goner. my blood pressure skyrocketed. nervous system on overload. anxiety city. *

we all went to the zoo yesterday. 

these guys know how to ham it up, fun all around.

me? i felt like the mean monkey half the time.

the lone underwater seal the rest of the time.

and i certainly deserved this: 

my peace offering is this exotic flower we all saw and were entranced by at the zoo.

to ecm3 ... this photograph reflects how bright and colorful and gorgeous and interesting you are to me. i hope we can see many more flowers together. i hope you will return and i can host you more gracefully next time. xh

* just fyi - usually i'm a pretty cool hostess. have houseguests often. enjoy having people around. really i do.