today i fall into time ...

fall back. yes. i gleefully turned back my clocks today.

many bemoan the early darkness of the time change. me? i don't care about tomorrow. i don't even care about later.

because the day we turn the clocks back, whether in october or november, is one of the best days of the year.


because i have an extra hour TODAY! 

this is the day when time feels completely different. having one extra hour feels like eons. the day expands. time slows. there is time for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g today. 

meditation. yoga. skip to the store for gluten-free waffle mix. throw in some berries and bananas, and a feast is had. with sunday paper. walk the dog between rain showers. back to the store for firewood. make a fire, snuggle under the throw, make a few calls. make tea, and sit. reading. savoring the last of my book (i always save the end of a good book for the perfect time and place, knowing this is the last time i will be with these people in their world). 

the day goes on and on ... i absolutely love today. i savor the space of time, lapping it up, breathing it out, relishing its flavor, its generosity, its gift. mmmmmmmmmmm ...

ps - what are you doing with your extra hour today?