the power of one


i'll let mr. courtenay into my bed any night of the week. his stories grab me and take me away, straight into another place and time, and straight into another person's heart and mind. 

while living in australia many years ago, i discovered australian author bryce courtenay. back then, i was reading "april fool's day," a gripping true story about the author's son, a hemophiliac, who died young from medically acquired AIDS. heartbreaking and truly uplifting. 

now i'm reading "the power of one" ... 1940s south africa. a wise boy who knows racism isn't right. who thinks grown ups can be stupid and silly. who has one name, and one focus, one life purpose.

i'm about 3/4 of the way through. this little boy has seen so much, endured so much, and is so lovable. he attracts other lovable characters. and knows firsthand about the horrific ways human beings can be toward one another. and the power one small person can render. riveting.

just now i'm researching bryce courtenay. amazing. i didn't know until just this minute:

courtenay's very first book, "the power of one," became the largest-selling book by a living australian author within australia! and he wrote it in 1996 at age 55! (it was made into a movie, as well.)

and apparently, much of "the power of one" is based on his own life story. what a life!

he's written a slew of other books, and i know i'll be reading on ... and inviting mr. courtenay back to my bed anytime he wants.