32/365: still falling

i walk around these days, my feet not quite on the ground. i see the ground, i even see my feet on the ground. i see seeds and plants and petals fallen on the ground. but i? i am mid-air. it feels good to be suspended this way, not quite sure what will happen next, but willing to let myself go all the way, wherever this lovely breeze shall take me. i have given in to Life, i am not even trying to control it. sometimes, when i get scared, i try a little bit to control. but i quickly realize that i am not in the driver's seat, and i let go again. trusting. trusting Life. 

and i know, as i even told a complete stranger the other day, i can do this, because i KNOW that i can take care of myself. i am fine. i will be just fine. no matter what happens. i am fine. 

and so i let myself fall, love ... happily, easily, fully.