30/365: the second one

i am out of the loop on what MOBS means ... but it rhymes with gobs. and that's how much love i feel from my friend-since-15 danielle. she gave me a gorgeous, solid, heavy silver pendant for my big birthday last year. which i loved more than any jewelry i've had in ages. then a month or so ago, i lost it. 

danielle was leaving the city with the jewelry store, and moving to argentina. i asked her if she could get me another one, since i loved it so much, and i'd of course pay her back. or pay the store directly. 

she would have none of it. she didn't want to punish me for losing the necklace. and she oh so generously BOUGHT ME ANOTHER ONE! i could hardly believe it. that's the kind of gesture a mom makes, not a friend. but she said she learned from having gotten in trouble as a kid for losing things, that she never wanted to make others feel badly in that way. so she got me a new one, and mailed it to me. and i wear it every day just like the one before.

but this one means even more to me than the first one did. a symbol of how great love can be, between dear friends.