my sweet rocky boy


my sweet rocky went to kitty heaven today.


he was the best cat. sweet, soulful, and smart, with big curious eyes, and extra toes making his paws seem extra large. he liked using those mitts (thus the name rocky); he had a penchant for opening closet doors. and he had just the right sensibility when it came to snuggling. not completely in my face like my other (bratty) cat, but always around, sleeping at the foot of the bed but never pinning my feet under the covers. we lived well together.

i'd never been sure how old he was because i got him as an adult from the humane society. and i'm sad to say he did not die from old age. 

i'm not 100% sure, but i think he ate some leftover grass after my yard was sprayed for weeds. normally i wouldn't have the yard sprayed, but all the grass and plants had been ripped out in preparation to completely redo the yards. the gardeners chose a supposedly non-toxic and organic spray, and i OKed it. the label said it was safe.

the main ingredients in this spray are clove oil and citric oil. sounded harmless enough to me, natural, essential oils. great. but our vet explained citric oil is toxic to cats

i will be so much more careful in the future. but i thought this information was worth sharing. it could save a kitty's life.

this is the last photo i took of rocky this last week, trying to coax him to drink water.