g - l - o - r - y ... us

my "sister" sue from boulder is here visiting her mom. we met down at crissy field this morning for a glorious walk along the water. spectacular.

sue's aussie husband has only been to san francisco a couple of times and only on fair days when there has been no fog. so she wanted me to take a picture of the fog to send to ross back in colorado. see ross?

this morning it was just a little wisp, a little fog finger drifting out the gate under the bridge, as it does most days here. 

the sun so warm and bright, sue couldn't even keep her eyes open to be photographed (an occupational hazard if you sign up to be my friend).

i'm so sorry to all you east coasters buried under tons and tons of snow and cold (she said snidely).

hot shot mark twain once gloated, "the coldest winter i ever spent was a summer in san francisco."

so today i shout out to you mr. twain, loud and clear so you can hear me in neverneverland:

the nicest winter i ever spent was today and yesterday here in norcal. nah! 

and sue even took care of business for a moment on our walk in the sun, by the bay, with all the happy people. lucky us.