photoflow: texturemania

ok, i may be a little slow ... but i have recently fallen HARD for textures! funny how you can go along just minding your own business doing your thing the way you've always done it and then BAM! and everything changes. 

that's how it had been with me 'n textures.

i've been working on opening up an etsy shop. and my photos looked so boring to me, just sitting there, all plain and normal.

browsing around the photography section of etsy, i found myself pulled over and over again toward photographs with textures. so i decided to learn how to do it myself. 

now really i've just started adding textures, sometimes one, sometimes two, and sometimes even three textures! i have no idea what i'm doing, but am having a ton of fun playing!

all this texture love and learning can be attributed also to the stellar kim klassen whose website is ALL ABOUT TEXTURES. she makes textures, sells textures, offers classes on textures, and even offers free tutorials on how to use textures. she also gives away textures to those on her subscriber list, and i am now one of her lucky and grateful recipients!  

one of my friends said these textured images remind her of "antique white cotton dresses." yes, they take our imaginations back to earlier days: simple and wholesome. 

we use our modern sophisticated digital cameras and computers to bring back their antithesis. we humans are funny!