walking and talking

gratitude project, day 13

twenty years ago in kathmandu, i saw a fellow westerner on the street and asked her, "can you point me toward the american express office?" she and i and our boyfriends embarked on a three-week trek in the himalayas the very next day, and have been friends ever since.

twenty years later, karin came to visit and we hiked the tennessee valley trail to the sparkling pacific ocean, half an hour each way. not exactly a trek, but we both still love walking together. and talking together.

this weekend was much about photography, a budding interest of karin's. 

but it was about oh so much more: sisterhood, friendship, shared peak experiences, travel, love. 

we know each other as the twenty-somethings we were when we first met. we embrace and accept each other's capabilities and foibles. we see each other's essence.