on white

for anyone who has been wondering where on earth i have been ... i have been here:


and here: sfgirlbybay.

pat's interior design as seen on california home + design

you see, i want to paint my whole interior white. my insides get all flipfloppy (in a good way) when i see photos of white interiors. LOVE! but there is so much natural wood here ... to paint or not to paint, that is my question.

well, serendipity is upon me. late one night i found the work of interior designer pat printy. he's not afraid AT ALL to paint natural wood white. and he had time to come over for a consult. i am such a lucky girl.

when he came to my house, he said ... paint it all white except for the lodge (my living/dining used to be a hunting lodge) ceiling. that was IT! the answer i'd been looking for. he's totally right. 

anyway, i'm back at it this week. remodeling, that is. just wanted you to know i have not fallen off the edge of the planet. i'm here. working away. pulling my hair out. not remaining calm at all. is there such a thing as zen-remodeling?

but i miss you! and promise, i'll be back as soon as i can.