gal pals (hill)

my gal pals ... what can i say? being with them is like being home in sweatpants, lying on the rug in front of the fireplace listening to jazz. oh yeah, maybe because we do that! but you know ... total comfort and warmth with nostalgia and dreams mixed together in sweet thick living room air.

laura was my freshman roommate in college. we landed in a dreaded "quad" of four, but we loved it. she and i have remained fast friends since then, for 30 years now. she was super smart -- didn't have to study much -- and beautiful, and she was willing to sing into her hairbrush with me.

meg was in a double upstairs from us ... can't even remember how we actually met (though i imagine she remembers). she was sexy and sophisticated -- still is -- and an amazing poet like her mother.

meg stayed at my house and watched my brood for me while i was away last week. laura lives in portland still, but her parents are here in norcal so she comes to visit often. together the three of us reminisce, eat, offer insight, drink, laugh ... i wish we all lived in the same neighborhood!