bear! (hill)

road trip day 1: mill valley - yosemite

less than a mile inside the park entrance, we saw what we came to see ... bear! big black boy bear was napping on a log. our new friend volunteer yosemite ranger bob told us more than we needed to know about black bears -- most appear brown -- and said his main job in the park was moving traffic along during frequent "bearjams". later in the early evening, we saw the same big boy in a meadow, supping. fortunately, none supped on us during the night!

day 2: yosemite - las vegas

blown away by cirque de soleil show ... this time, "ka". HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

road trip day 3: las vegas - grand canyon - zion np, utah

think grand! north rim grand canyon, 7th wonder of the world. heli tour. yeah.