going primal (hill)

i'm going primal.

no, i'm not letting my armpit hair grow out (although i have in the past and i do like that kind of freedom/natural sexiness), i'm not living in a cave, i'm not hunting or gathering in the traditional sense and no, i'm not grunting any more than usual ... no, i'm following the primal way of nourishment and i'm feeling GREAT!

the author of this book recommends omitting all non-fiber carbohydrates from our diets. period. no rice, bread, crackers, chips, potatoes, popcorn, cereal, oatmeal, pasta, chocolate, beer, wine, dried fruit, juices, and many fresh fruits. none. nada. zip!

author nora gedgaudas says we humans have not evolved much -- biologically -- since our primal hunter-gatherer days. think about what those gals and guys might have been eating ... wild (think: grass-fed) animal protein, veggies, nuts, seeds and berries. all natural. as in, without chemicals. as nature intended. what we now call "organic". weird: the non-organic stuff should be called "chemical", not the other way around!

nora says the advent of agriculture has produced lots of carbs that are not a human dietary requirement and actually wreak havoc on our systems, body and mind. vitamin deficiencies. seratonin deficiencies. inflammation. hormone issues. insulin resistance. leptin disregulation. osteoporosis. obesity. adhd. depression. anxiety. think about what you have been eating lately ... carbs come to mind? we, at least here in the states and europe/uk, normally eat a lot of carbs these days.

i've been eating the primal way for two and a half weeks now, with a few minor detours (had a beer with curt when he was here, and had three chocolate-covered almonds with my friend julie the other day). it's easy to "eat primal" because i don't have any cravings. i'm not hungry like i always used to be. that's because my blood sugar needed more "sugar" (read: carbs, sugar, chocolate, sweets, bread, etc) to feel good.

fast approaching 50, the past few years i've had low energy, blue moods, and have had to take thyroid and hormone medications to feel better. just in the last couple weeks, i'm getting my energy back and i'm feeling great!

nora says we can also eat small amounts of raw, unprocessed dairy products, if you can find them. i went to whole foods this morning to get raw milk with which to make yogurt, but alas, they said their insurance was too high and they had to stop selling it. so i made it with the next best thing, straus family creamery organic whole milk.

will keep you updated about my progress.

anyone else nourishing themselves this way? or another way that makes you feel great? please chime in!