i love my accountant, but he doesn't love me (hill)

it is april 3rd ... have you done your taxes yet? i want to know; i'm taking a poll. i wonder what percentage of people get them done in january? february? march? and how many of us inevitably wait until april rolls around? and how many do them after april 15th?  i know, i know, i have not done my taxes yet. but i will get them done today! (or tomorrow! or maybe into next week! but i'll for sure get them done by april 10! i think the latest i ever went was april 13th. or 14th.) my accountant is a very nice man, and a great accountant. and he usually calls me in february reminding me to get my taxes done early. for naught. he didn't even call this year; maybe he's given up on me. every year i tell myself i'm going to get them done early, by end feb, just for his sake, just to help ease his pain, his april pain. but somehow it never happens. doing my taxes -- hell, i don't even really DO my taxes, i just fill out the tax organizer paperwork so he can actually prepare the taxes -- doesn't even actually take that long, when i sit down to it. two, maybe three hours. and i have a much clearer financial picture, which is actually a small comfort and joy. it's just the IDEA of doing taxes that i loathe. this is the crux of procrastinators, which is such a loaded term, with such a negative, bad person spin, so let's just call us 'laterbirds.' some people are born with a proclivity of earlybirdness; they arrive 10 minutes early, always. i was born with the opposite proclivity: i arrive 10 minutes late. and i'm going to do my taxes ... right after this cup of tea. what about you?