relocation narration (hill)

it's official. they're moving. next month. to utah. a two-day drive away from here.

my brother and his family bought a big, beautiful home in draper, utah.  20 minutes south of salt lake city, a half hour from snowbird skiing, and right down the street from trails through the dwarf oak forests at the base of the wasatch mountains. they're thrilled. i'm thrilled, too, that they're happy. at the same time, my sense of stability is falling out from under me.

it was a whole different story when I was the one doing the moving. i've moved away from here so much -- spent almost 20 years away, lived all over the world, had incredible adventures -- and wrote postcards, diligently, so glad to be the one out and about and taking in the world.

so what's this? THEY'RE leaving and I'M the one who's being left behind????? maybe it's time for me to make a move, too ...

i helped my friend heather move into her lovely new home in berkeley this weekend. she said that many years ago, much of the time she lived in a particular rental was a very difficult period of her life, in spite of the cuteness of the cottage in an exciting neighborhood. made me think ... practically the whole time i've lived here in my beautiful home in one of the most beautiful places on earth -- mill valley and marin county -- it has been a very challenging time for  me. challenging as in sobbing on the kitchen floor challenging. hmmmm.

heather is very into astrology and suggested i try having my "relocation astrology" chart done.  i think i just might! can i lobby the astrologer for ibiza, new zealand, portland, france, turkey? utah?