Dwindle Down (Meg)

Yes, it's a cliche, but my life really is getting sweeter because it's about to change radically.  We sit around the dinner table and talk and talk, laugh, tease, and fight, and although we don't say it,  our whole family knows it's coming to an end.  Mettlin leaves for college in the fall (don't know where she's going yet, but she's going, trust me).  Sure she'll be home for holidays and summers, and maybe she'll move back in after graduating--it takes a while to get independent in the Bay Area--but, these full family moments: standing in the kitchen deciding what to have for dinner, racing to get the primo corner spot on the couch for family movie night, they're more fun than before.  Last night we even stooped so low as to have a family sing-along to John Mayer's "Who Says".  Gotta say I never saw that one coming when we first started this family!  All together now:  "Who says I can't get stoned!"