Trade-offs (Meg)

Sitting on the deck in the warm morning sunlight yesterday, I realized why I've had a raging headache for the last few days and took a picture of it.  Green dust covers our cars, sidewalks, and I'm sure puts a light dusting on everything in the house too, if only I wasn't too old to see things that small.  And once again I was able to fulfill my god-given roll as keeper of all information, solver of all problems and finder of all lost objects (otherwise known as Wife).  I'd woken up to the source of my own pain (let's call it hay fever enlightenment), so when Chris came home, dragging and sniffling, and had to go lie down before dinner, I made him take a pill first.  He emerged from his nap clear-headed and peppy.  Glorious spring weather vs. drippy headache-y allergies, which would you choose?