five things deliciously creepy

when i moved in to my house over 10 years ago in mid-october, many neighbors stopped by to warn be to BE PREPARED for halloween. get LOTS of candy. TONS of trick-or-treaters will come! 

and it's true. this is a crazy-for-halloween neighborhood. since mill valley is quite hilly, the "hill people" come down to the flat neighborhoods for easier door-to-door access (ie - more candy!). and many folks from other towns come here, too, for the safe environment. walnut street, just a few doors away, is the epicenter for the younger children who stock up on treats while the parents are often offered a wet treat, if you know what i mean. and sycamore, just a block away, is for the older kids -- dark and scary under all the giant sycamore trees. later in the evening, the teenagers gather at the nearby 7-11, with cop cars circling to make sure it doesn't get out of hand. 

halloween is really the only night of the year when the younger generation RULES! as in, the rules go out the window. this one night is for the young. electrifying. perilous. wild. can you feel it?

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